Bought 1Password 3 from Mac App Store, how to activate license?

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  • kolmosm
    Community Member

    I’ve downloaded the newest version of 1password from the App Store.
    But I don’t understand how can I activate my license from previous version.

    Heeeeeeelp me.
    here is the receipt of my standalone license receipt.png?dl=0

  • Drew_AG
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @kolmosm,

    Your question is a bit different than the one in the previous discussion, so I've moved your message to a new thread. I hope you don't mind!

    Thank you for the screenshot! It looks like you purchased 1Password 3 from the Mac App Store back in 2013, which means versions 4, 5, and 6 have been free upgrades for you. You just need to make sure you've installed the 1Password app from the Mac App Store, and that you installed it while signed into the same Apple ID you used when you bought it.

    Are you having any trouble with the 1Password app? If so, please let us know some more details, including any error messages you see, the exact version of 1Password currently installed on your Mac, the version of macOS running on your Mac, what you're trying to do with 1Password and the exact steps you're taking to do it, what you expect to happen, and what happens instead. Once we understand what's happening on your end, we should have a much better idea of how to help. Thanks in advance! :)

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