Custom Icons on Apple Watch/Moving Between Vaults

There was an old thread about 2 years ago talking about support for custom icons on Apple Watch:

AFAICT this hasn't budged. Given the tiny screen, having meaningful icons REALLY matters for picking out the right 2FA code.

I know this isn't a big functional problem, but like retaining custom icons when moving between vaults (also doesn't work) I have to say I'm a little frustrated. 1P used to REALLY care about these cosmetic/usability details.

Can anybody from 1P talk about when custom icons will "just work" finally?


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  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Hi there @bacoboy. Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback here. I'm sorry to hear that this issue is impacting you so.

    I wish I could give you some better news or even a date that you could look forward to, but unfortunately that's not the case. At this point this particular issue has many others ahead of it in the queue. I'm sorry to say that this is not something we're going to be tackling in the near term.

    If there's anything else I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask.

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