When only password field recognized - 1Password should ask for username

This issue is really starting to get cumbersome - I think I may have briefly touched on it before in relation to something else, but just say you haven't gotten the password stored for a particular site yet and don't know your password; so you go through the process and reset your password, however 1password only sees the password field on the page and not the username field, but it still prompts you to save the login...

With the above in mind, this means that you now have to manually go into 1Password to set the username; it would be incredibly helpful if 1Password asked you if you wanted to set the username in this instance instead. :)

1Password Version:
Extension Version: 4.6.3 (Firefox)
OS Version: Windows 7
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    @cyphix333: Ah, that's interesting. I'm not certain we want 1Password trying to record information that isn't present, but it's something we can consider. As you mentioned, you can always edit the item to add the username or any other information you want.

    I think the more common issue is something else entirely: 1Password should have prompted you to save when you logged into the site, before you even get to the password change form. I'm not sure that password resets are something we should design around, but if 1Password isn't promoting you to save a login, or is failing to save some details on the page, please let us know! :)

  • @brenty Thanks for the reply. Well it never got a chance to ask me to save the login as I wasn't changing the password whilst logged in; I was logged out - didn't know my password, so clicked a forgot password link, which sent me a link to click in my email, which sent me to a page to save my password - this is the page where 1PW asked to save the login (an obviously it can only save the password); but would be nice if there was some way to add the username at the same time rather than having to go into 1PW itself and add the username manually.

    I guess the only other way to do it is to not save the login when 1PW asks on the password reset form and then get it to when you login for the first time.

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    Indeed, generally it's best to save a new login at a login page, since that will give you the URL you'll want 1Password to take you to, in addition to all of the login details. But it's helpful to consider different scenarios as well. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

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