.png file not closing after closing 1Password

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I opened a .png file that belongs to a Secure Notes category. Then I logged out of MacOS. After logging in a few hours after the .png file was visible despite 1 Password not being open (1 Password was active but not logged in). I had forgotten to close the .png file on the "x". I seldomly give my Mac login to a family member in my household, but that .png is confidential information. Is there a way that the .png file (or any other extension) can also be closed when the Mac and 1Password are logged out ?

1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: 4.6.5
OS Version: MacOS 10.12.5
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @JorgeM,

    That's an excellent question! The short answer is attachments are opened in other apps on your Mac, so 1Password doesn't have control over that - you would need to close the files or quit the app you're using to view them. But I'm happy to go into more detail about how this works:

    An attachment in 1Password is encrypted, so in order to open it, we need to put a decrypted copy of the file in a temporary sandboxed folder. That's the copy of the file that is opened by the other app on your Mac. Once you lock or quit 1Password, the temporary attachment folder (including the file) is deleted, but the file will still be open in the other app because it's a cached copy. That's how the operating system works, so I'm not sure there's much we can do about that.

    I hope that helps to explain why that file was still open, but if you have more questions about it, please let us know. Have a great weekend! :)

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