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I just bought 1password but my friend already has his account logged into the downloaded mac app. I cannot figure out how to remove his account settings to let me use 1password's app myself? Can someone help?

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  • Brian
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    Hi there, @kfinch5 !

    Thanks for reaching out! :)

    The option to remove a 1Password account can be found in your 1Password's preferences. Please take a look at the screenshot below to see an example of where the "Accounts" tab is located.

    After clicking on the "Accounts" tab, please select the 1Password account that you want to remove and click on the "Sign Out" button towards the lower right-hand side of the preferences window.

    To add a new 1Password account to the 1Password app, simply click on the little "+" button towards the lower left-hand side of the "Accounts" tab under the preferences window.

    Feel free to ask if you have any other questions, and have a great rest of your day, @kfinch5 !

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