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The other two bits of functionality I'd love to see are:

  1. Send to User

From time to time we generate passwords for our team for various servers and stuff. It would be great to be able to "send" a 1P item (login or whatever) to another user's personal company vault somehow.

  1. Search Item Names and return Item Names in op item or op document

This is the major functionality that I miss from the iphone app. I know there's an entry that contains BANK or bank somewhere in the title. But how can I find it? op documents and op items return a list (e.g. op documents $OPTOKEN | jq -r '.[]') but iterating over those is both inefficient (I have > 700 items in 1P now) and slow, and also the title info appears to be missinge entirely so there's no way to retrieve that info. I'd be very happy to allow 1P to cache these title fields for a time.

As a specific example, the item 'bank' yields the following entry, but 'bank' itself is missing completely:

op item $OPTOKEN 'bank' | jq .
  "notesPlain": "",
  "fields": [
      "name": "username",
      "value": "...",
      "designation": "username"},
      "name": "password",
      "value": "...",
      "designation": "password"}],
  "sections": [
      "title": "Other Fields",
      "name": "...",
      "fields": [
          "k": "string",
          "n": "...",
          "v": "...\n",
          "t": "Field 6"}]},
      "title": "Related Items",
      "name": "linked items"}]}

The end result is that I need to search the name on the phone, then use that on the computer to look up the password. Daft and inefficient.

  1. Basic Query

In most cases I'm interested in only 2 fields - username and password. There should be an op simple $ITEM lookup that returns some sensible representation of one or both of those fields without needing to dance with jq each time.

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  • rickfillionrickfillion

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    Hello again, @skunkwerks

    Send to User

    I mentioned this feature on another thread (https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/79440/sharing-item-with-one-user). Until it's out of beta I don't see us adding this to the CLI app. If you're liking the Send a copy feature please do let us know. If you'd like to see enhancements to it, we'd love to hear about that too.

    Better Item Search

    Yeah, this is something we want to fix. Something we're considering is making op item and op document always take a uuid, and then having something like op search that allows you to provide a query that can return you results. I've filed an issue for this on your behalf.

    Another refinement we're wanting to do is caching. Right now the op item calls are extremely inefficient as you've seen... it requires doing quite a few calls to the server, one of which is downloading a part of every item in a vault so that it can perform the search. Things would be much faster if we kept a cache of that data locally so that all we had to do was decrypt it instead of having to download + decrypt it. We have an issue for this in our tracker.

    Basic Query

    That would certainly be nice. We're still trying to figure out how many niceties/shortcuts like that we should be adding to the app itself. Thanks for feedback about this.


  • skunkwerksskunkwerks
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    Just bumping this - congrats on the public beta release!I suggest your #1 addition should be to take this whopper to get a simple password out of a normal password entry:

    $ op get item secret | jq -r '.details.fields[] | select(.designation == "password") | .value' froufroufroufrou

    and be able to do this:

    $ op get password secret froufroufroufrou

    I'd bet that this is 90% of the use case and expecting people to nut out how to use jq from scratch is a big hurdle for new comers who are not programmers.

  • Thanks @skunkwerks.


  • dcreemerdcreemer
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    @skunkwerks that's exactly why I wrote 1pass. I'd say 98% of the use is just "give me the password I want," etc. It would be great if op could handle this directly. Right now it feels more like an API than a CLI. I love that we have it though.

  • thirteenththirteenth
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    Hey, what about inviting and approve new user functionality? It might be useful for automatical new users creation.

  • @dcreemer : I'd say it feels more like an API than CLI at this point by design. We want to give you as much raw data as we have. As we get feedback from you all about exactly how you want to use it we'll find ways of making things more friendly.

    @thirteenth : thanks for the feedback. Provisioning and deprovisioning of users is one area where we see a lot of potential in the CLI tool.


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