How do I retrieve Secret Key from encrypted 1password files in Dropbox?

I have an existing 1password account synched to dropbox. I recently had to restore my iphone and my login credentials to the 1password app required not only my master password, but also my Secret Key. Presumably, info regarding my Secret Key is available in my 1password files in dropbox but they appear encrypted. Would info re: Secret Key be available in my synched files in dropbox? If yes, how do I can open the files to retrieve the info?

The old iphone was 6+ running iOS 10.2.1; new phone is 7+ running iOS 10.3.2.

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OS Version: iOS 10.3.2
Sync Type: dropbox
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  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @tman123 - Thank you for reaching out to us and for providing the additional details. Congrats on the new iPhone! A Secret Key is provided to you if you signed up for a 1Password membership.

    Give this a try -

    Launch 1Password on your iPhone, from the welcome screen, under "Already using 1Password" select Dropbox. You will have to enter your Master Password before the data syncs back to your iPhone.

    Let us know if this helped or if you have any additional questions. I hope you enjoy using 1Password on your new shiny iPhone :smile:

  • Awesome, thank you Frank. That worked. One more question: how do I locate my Secret Key within the app if I want to keep a record for future reference?

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @tman123,

    On behalf of Frank, you're very welcome!

    As Frank mentioned, a Secret Key is something you would have if you've signed up for a 1Password account/membership. In other words, if you haven't signed up for an account on, you don't have a Secret Key.

    If you sync your data via Dropbox, you probably don't have a account. But if you had one and needed help to find your Secret Key, we have tips in this article: If you can't find your Secret Key or Setup Code

    I hope that helps to clear things up a bit - and sorry for any confusion about that! If you have more questions about 1Password, we're here for you. :)

  • After hours of searching Support and the Forum, I was lucky to find this Post and Comments. Also, the computer generated response to an email I sent last night wasn't helpful.

    We have been using 1Password since 2013, currently version 6. I installed the iOS version on a new iPad Pro, and was presented with the request for a Secret Key. It's not obvious that under "Already using 1Password" Dropbox or options other than the ?????.com is even an option. The screen has to be scrolled up to see it. At that point, it was pretty simple. Thanks

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback, @KerryS! Sorry for the frustration!

    Most customers are now using our membership service, which does have a Secret Key. You can read more about the benefits of moving over here:

    What are the benefits of a 1Password membership?

    If you'd like to get in touch with our sales team to discuss your particular situation you can write us at [email protected] :)

    Thanks again!


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