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Release 0.7.6 published!

I just published an awesome new alpha for you all to enjoy on this amazing Canada long weekend! Version 0.7.6 is working its way through the Chrome Web Store update process now and includes these goodies:

[NEW] Added support for Credit Card filling.
[NEW] Added support for filling Identities.
[NEW] Nice shiney new toolbar icons from @danvpeterson!
[NEW] Now showing a lock icon in the toolbar when 1Password is locked.
[IMPROVED] Improved filling performance by about 70%.
[IMPROVED] Avoiding a quirk on Live.com and other websites where you couldn't submit the page after filling.
[FIXED] Clicking a Secure Note will now show its details instead of attempting to open it in a new tab. HT @eosph.
[FIXED] Can now view and copy password values from items of type Password. HT @berto.
[FIXED] Resolved issue where you could not activate the fill or details actions after scrolling the list view.
[FIXED] Can now use the Go button on URLs within item details to open them in a new tab. Fixes #15
[FIXED] Fixed missing image on welcome page. HT @m33x. Fixes #12
[FIXED] Resolved an issue where filling a login multiple times on the same page would fail. Fixes #10

Please give it a go and let us know how it goes. And please keep the feedback coming – I need things to work on this weekend so I can rest after playing with the kids :)

Thank you! <3

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