Embarrassing auto-generated password

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So this really isn't a complaint, and didn't bother me. But thought I would share. I was giving a live demo to a new team in our organization we are going to add to our Team account and going through an account enrollment and had a demo vault and was adding my first login and was showing them how to generate a password phrase and the phrase it generated was "incest blah blah". There was some laughter and I was like, ok thats nice. Took a screenshot but didn't want to post. Anyway, I know 1Password sometimes removes foul words. We were not offended. Just thought I would share.

FYI, the department loved it and will soon be on our Team!

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  • john_m
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    Hi @jeff2000! Thanks for passing that on, and sorry for any embarrassment we may have caused you during the demo! I'm glad to hear it didn't cause any serious offence, and I'll pass that along to our team here to review for potentially removing in a future update to the apps! :+1:

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