Not sure if my setup is supported by subscription model

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I'm honestly not sure if my personal setup is supported by the subscription model. I'm looking for input on my situation:

  1. Each person in my family has their own vault.
  2. Each child in my family shares their vaults with the parents.
  3. Each adult has a personal (unshared) vault.
  4. My wife and I share a vault (but not with kids) that includes financial login info.
  5. I also have an unshared vault I store work passwords and info in.
  6. We use DropBox to sync between devices.

I can't see how that is supported by the new Family membership.

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  • rudy


    1. definitely, every family member has their own account under the family which comes with a private vault just for them. by default there is also a Shared vault that gets shared by everyone but you can delete that one if it doesn't suit your purposes.
    2. not currently possible, that private vault isn't shareable
    3. same question as 1?
    4. you can set up additional vaults and configure their sharing settings however you'd like.
    5. same answer as number 4, just setting yourself up as the only person with access.
    6. I'm not sure what the question is here, are you meaning you want to juggle all the access and settings from the prior 5 questions over Dropbox? I think you're going to find that to be quite problematic.


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