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Hi I've purchased 3 copies of your product. 1 Mac (updated to latest) 2 android (tablet and phone, all latest according to play store) I cannot get these systems to sync.

I've followed the instructions a dozen times for WLAN and I cannot get the androids to ever see the mac. I'm quite comfortable with networking and bonjour is not being blocked by any firewall software or otherwise, that I can see.
So because Ive wasted 2 hours on this so far, I decide I'll try dropbox sync.
so I disable wlan on both androids, but no other option is displayed anywhere that I can see.
On the mac it is a separate button on the setting gui and Ive managed to upload to dropbox ok. but on both Androids there is nothing that I can find.

so that option is not available on either of the two android devices. Really quite annoyed at the moment. this has ended up costing a bomb to get installed across 3 devices and I cannot sync via any option.

andriod version 6.5.4
Mac version 6.8

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hey @Gorttman! If you have all of your data safely uploaded to Dropbox from your Mac, you can sync up with that Dropbox vault by starting over on the Android devices:

    1. Delete 1Password for Android and reinstall it.
    2. On the Welcome screen, select Dropbox under "Used 1Password before?"
    3. Authorize 1Password to access the Dropbox account your Mac is synced with.
    4. Confirm the vault 1Password finds is the correct one.
    5. Enter your Master Password to add this vault to 1Password for Android.
    6. Repeat for the second Android device.

    This should get you synced up across devices, but iyou have questions along the way, let us know. :chuffed:

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