That iOS 11 accessing autofill from any app features, is there an API for 3rd party (like 1P)?

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I'm just thinking how nice it would be if 1P can do the same as the AutoFill Password function that iOS 11 has that shows up in any app that has a password field. Currently when I want to use my work's VPN app, I have to enable the connection, tap home, open 1P, authenticate, search for the VPN password, copy, double tap home button, switch back, paste. With that iOS 11 AutoFill, I just need to enable connection, select that key icon, authenticate, select VPN field, done! Any chance if 1P will be able to do the same?

If not, just smile, nod, and lie to my face. Thats how bad I want it.

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    Hi @ziggie216 ,

    The app currently has to add support to receive data from other apps like 1Password. We currently have an API for apps to use, so if there's an app you would like to support 1Password filling, please feel free to ask them to add functionality. Information about the API is located here:

    We're are also looking into drag and drop for iOS 11 but have nothing to confirm on that just yet.


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