how to set up/ remember a really complex password?

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Hi guys,
I've been known to the idea of a complex password including mixed case, non-dictionary word and special symbols but, I find it hard to remember.
Can anyone suggest me some tips to remember or set a complex yet easy to remember password?
Many thanks!

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  • Hi @davidclay123,

    I personally have a lot of trouble remembering complex passwords (where I define complex as meaning many symbols, case changes etc). I only have a couple passwords that I really need remembering thanks to 1Password. For those passwords I prefer using passwords that are based on words. I remember sets of words much more easily than complex passwords. And that's really why we added the Words option to our password generator. We recommend that if you need to remember a strong password that you use the words generator with 4 or so words, and regenerate it until you hit a set of words that speaks to you. With this you would only really have 4 things to remember, but their combined strength is really quite strong.

    I hope this helps.


  • Penelope Pitstop
    Penelope Pitstop
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    To build on what @rickfillion advises regarding use of word-based passwords, I find it helpful to create a mnemonic-based story of images linking the words in sequence to the thing I'm logging into. There are plenty of places to read about how to do this effectively, and it is a useful skill to develop for all sorts of things.

  • That's a neat idea, @Penelope Pitstop. Everyone's brain works a little differently, and we have to find ways of using what we're good at to help us out with these kinds of things.


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