Is it possible to save multiple bank accounts under one item?

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I have a checkings and savings account from the same bank. I'd like to store the information for both accounts under the same bank account option. As of now, I have to save the account info under separate bank account items. Is it possible to save multiple accounts under one item?

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  • Ben
    edited August 2017

    Hi @tmangarin,

    The template for bank accounts is built with one account per item in mind. That said you may be able to accomplish what you're looking for by using custom sections/fields. We have a blog post available here that may give you some idea of how you could make this happen:

    AgileBits Blog | Secure all the things in Secure Notes

    This article is specifically about doing this from scratch using a Secure Note, but other templates also have the ability to have custom sections, so you could add one (or more) to a bank account item as well.



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