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Request: distribute CLI via Homebrew-Cask on macOS

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Would be great if you could distribute the CLI via Homebrew-Cask on macOS:


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  • cohixcohix
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    We're going to be considering more distribution methods as we move towards a stable release. For now, try checking out the Dockerfile another forum user created: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/81832/docker-image-for-the-cli

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  • CamJNCamJN
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    As we work toward a stable release and eventually open source, ...

    The announcement said the cli will eventually be open source; so distributing via regular homebrew would be preferable.

  • blalorblalor
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    Looks like someone's already gone the cask approach.

  • Regardless of how you obtain the tool, we recommend verifying the signature via the instructions here:

    And yes, once it's open source we'd prefer source distribution.


  • pervelpervel
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    It seems there is a Cask now:


    Any idea who made it? I also wonder why it's being distributed as a Cask and not via the normal Homebrew system. I thought Homebrew Cask was meant for GUI apps.

  • @pervel : casks are for compiled apps and brew for sources that then get compiled locally... or at least that was my interpretation of the difference. I could be wrong.

    If I remember correctly, that cask was setup by one of the maintainers of the cask project. We aren't the ones maintaining it and so I can't in good conscience recommend that anyone use it. It's technically outside of our control.

    Any way that you download the CLI tool, even from our website, you should check its signature via the instructions provided in the message I posted above.


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    This is what the brew documentation says about it:

    We don’t like binary formulae

    Our policy is that formulae in the core tap (homebrew/core) must be open-source and either built from source or produce cross-platform binaries (e.g. Java). Binary-only formulae should go to Homebrew Cask.

  • Thanks for clarifying that @XIII.


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