iOS does not autofill

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When visiting, it prompts me to sign in with an AppleID via .

I can open the 1Password extension via the share menu and it shows my apple ids. However, if I select one, it does not auto fill the username and password. I currently workaround this via copy and paste.

This also happens with the built in browser in 1Password.

These saved logins work fine on the same site using the Mac Safari extension.

1Password Version: 6.8.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 11.0 (15A5370a)
Sync Type: 1password Family


  • Hello @alanshutko,

    What you've come across is the inability for us to inject our extension into something called iframes in iOS. We can do this on Mac and Windows which is why we work there but because we can only add our extension scripts to the outer page on iOS 1Password effectively cannot see the login form hidden inside the iframe. In situations like this we're unfortunately limited to copy and paste. I apologise that there isn't a more elegant workaround than what you've already discovered or that I can offer any hope on this changing in the near future. There are very real differences between iOS and other operating system as you're probably quite aware and this is one of them I'm afraid. Sorry about that.

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