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logout session keeps giving return status 0 after logout and no feedback

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So, if I logout a session, I can repeat this command over and over and still get a return status 0.
Imho it should give a error.

I think it has something to do that the original session file isn't removed.

1Password Version: 0.1.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • srcodersrcoder
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    Hmm, that was a quirky I guess, cannot reproduce this anymore :sweat:

  • cohixcohix
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    @srcoder The signout command in reality just invalidates the current session with the server. We do cleanup of old session files the next time you sign in! If you have no valid sessions and run signout, you should get this error:

    Please let me know if you can consistently run the command and get 0 exit code when you should be getting that error :)

  • srcodersrcoder
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    @cohix if you run op signout --session=VALIDSESSION you can run it as often as you want and still get a 0 status.

    eval $(op signin) and repeat op signout will always return 0.
    Also did signin/signout several times and the files remain.

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  • Thanks @srcoder. I've reproduced this here and have filed an issue (#239) so that we can get it fixed up.


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