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1pass caching wrapper for CLI

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Hi --

I put together a caching wrapper for the CLI, because I was frustrated at not having local vault support. It uses GPG to encrypt all local data.


Now I can easily do this:
$ 1pass bank
and the password is printed to stdout instantly.

Feedback gratefully accepted.

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  • cohixcohix
    1Password Alumni

    That's very cool! Even more so that it's written in bash :)

    Caching is absolutely something we'll be adding in the future, but I'm glad our users are building extensions this powerful already!

    A few things: if you could please remove ANN: from the post title, we would like to reserve "announcements" for AgileBits team members.

    Also: I think it's important users be aware that entering your Master Password into a tool not signed by AgileBits is not recommended by us. I'd ask that you add a warning to the repo README that users should only enter their Master Passwords after reviewing the source code and becoming confident it is safe to use.

    Once again, I'm very happy to see this, can't wait to see how it progresses!

  • dcreemerdcreemer
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    Sure -- any help on editing a post?

  • dcreemerdcreemer
    Community Member

    I also added a very simple Emacs wrapper -- you can now fetch usernames & password from 1Password from with Emacs.

  • cohixcohix
    1Password Alumni

    @dcreemer Fantastic, thank you. I've edited the post title for you.

    Wow that is awesome. I'm going over it now!

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