Drag‘n‘drop of an item only copies part of the information

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dear 1password team,
first of all thanks for the drag‘n‘drop feature. not sure weather my observation is a bug or a feature request:
i would expect if i drag‘n’drop a complete 1password item (login, credit card, etc) to a text editor or email that all the information within the data set would be transfered.
to make it clear let me give you an example: if i drag‘n‘drop a specific credit card to the notepad only the credit card number gets copy. here i would rather expect that all the information within the data set (expiration date, card holder, etc.) would get copied like using the share feature of 1password. if i want to do that i need to open the credit card item and have to copy item by item.
thanks for consideration.

1Password Version: 6.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 11.0
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_kevin
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    Hi @stlei ,

    Drag and Drop does copy complete information for logins, credit cards, and identities. But we can't force the receiving app to read all of that information and fill in the fields. By default, when you drop onto a text field, it looks for a single string of text. The receiving app does not know how to get the all of the text at once. We will be publishing information very soon so app developers know how to get the complete information out of the drop and fill in all of the fields. Luckily it's extremely simple, so it shouldn't take a lot of work to do.

    And for those app developers who read this, feel free to contact us now if you want to get started, and I'll be happy to provide the information.


  • stlei
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    thanks kevin for clarification. interessting concept didnt expect it that way. as i used the standard notes app for testing, i assume apple‘s developers will need some coaching from your side :-)

  • @stlei,

    On behalf of Kevin, you're quite welcome. Apps will need to opt into full filling functionality. We will be publishing details of how that's possible in the future.


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