During the Hurricane in Miami, how could I have had access to 1P?

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I understand the power failure part, we had that for a week. But on a generator, or after the power came back on but the internet (cable) did not, how could I have had access to my 1P program?


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  • danco
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    You always have a local copy of 1PW, so there should not be any trouble.

    Of course, without the internet you might not have much use for your passwords.

  • Lars
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    @Peter_Pappas -- @danco's exactly right -- there is a local cache of your 1Password data on any device you've installed a 1Password app onto, which can be accessed as long as your device has power (and you have your Master Password...or your thumbs, I suppose ;) ).

    You'd only be without 1Password if you A) have a 1Password account and B ) only ever access it through a web browser.

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