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So... I have a Mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro. I have a SSD installed in my main HD slot and I have another SSD installed in place of myn optical drive. My main startup volume is running El Capitan. I'm running Yosemite on my secondary drive as I use that for ProTools 11 (which isn't compatible past that version). I've been somewhat successful running copies of 1Password on each volume, but, not without some issues. I have often received the error message that there are 2 copies of 1Password installed. Or my 1Password Mini app won't start. I have generally been able to resolve these issues. I have the data sync'd across iCloud. At least, I think it's syncing... I am now having issues with this somehow... when I try to launch the 1Password Safari extension, I am being asked to login to me iCloud session which I do, but the spinning whell of death never goes away.

So, overall question... what's the best way to setup 1Password across 2 startup drives attached to the same computer?


1Password Version: 6.8.2
Extension Version: 4.6.11
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hey @byronfunk -- the problem here is that launchd, the kernel process responsible for, well, launching stuff on your Mac, isn't as selective as we'd like. 1Password is one of the few apps out there with a separate helper process (the Mini), which is necessary in the current architecture for what we do (fill data into browsers). But the problem -- and why we throw error messages about more than one copy being present during upgrades -- is that it (launchd) will launch whichever copy of the Mini it finds first, sometimes resulting in a copy of the Mini being launched on your Mac's menubar that's part of (attached to) a different copy of 1Password for Mac than the one you've launched.

    You can also experience problems of a similar nature on startup, if you're thinking you've launched the correct version of the Mini when it's actually the incorrect one that's been launched. However, it sounds as if you have two completely separate systems/disks here. Would it be possible for you to unmount (or just NOT mount) whichever one you're not using currently? Or do you need them both to be running? If you can set up your Mac so that only the disk with the startup volume you want on it actually starts up, you won't experience this problem. Once 1Password and the Mini have launched, they should be fine. It's only during startup and upgrading 1Password that you really shouldn't have more than one copy "visible" to the launch/update process.

    Syncing via iCloud is a separate issue. Apple recently changed the authentication timeout for iCloud to 8 hours -- which means nearly every time you use your Mac. However, there is a box in the authentication page you can check, Keep me signed in, which will remedy this (see the example on this page. That should solve the frequent re-authentication request. Let us know if you have any further troubles!

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