How to download previous 1P.ipa versions to my computer?

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Hello 1P,
I gave away my iPhone 6S+ in anticipation for the new X...

Now Im using my old iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2. The version of 1Password that Im using on my iPhone 4 is 4.5.3. which I would like to archive.

I have tried many approaches in order to have 1P iOS app downloaded to my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro but it only stays on my phone and I cannot find it anywhere else available for download. From the past I have downloaded to my computers other versions of 1P that I own (including 3.7.2.ipa, 6.4.5.ipa, 6.9.ipa) but I cannot find 4.5.3.

I have tried using different iTunes versions on my laptops, I have backed up my iPhone 4 on two of my laptops, I have transferred purchases from iPhone 4, I have looked at every media folder on my laptops, I looked at Hidden Purchases, I went to App Store->Purchased on my laptops (I can only see the latest 1P version)… there is nowhere 1P 4.5.3 to be found for download to my laptops' library.

Could you please help me to understand how I can acquire 1P 4.5.3 to have it downloaded on my computer instead of only to be existing on my iPhone 4? Note that all the mentioned devices are authorized, verified, signed in and associated with the same Apple ID account.

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  • Hi @Rococoo

    Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to do that. Apple’s App Store generally only allows the latest version to be downloaded, with no provision for downloading older versions. The exception is that the App Store will allow you to download an older version of an app if the device you are downloading to can only run the older version (but not a newer version). Since the Mac can’t run iOS apps at all I believe the App Store is going to limit you to downloading the latest version.

    Apple may be able to provide further information, but that is my understanding. I did a quick Google search and wasn’t able to turn up any information contrary.


  • Rococoo
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    Nice of you to respond so quickly.
    I thought that Mac should let me to download the app from my iPhone while backing up, but seems not.
    Thanks for trying to help!

  • XIII
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    Maybe these expert-only instructions for downgrading AdGuard for iOS can be of inspiration? (downloading an old IPA)

    [removed; we cannot recommend customers follow these instructions]

    Note that this won't work with the newest version of iTunes on the Mac (12.7), as Apple removed App support...

  • Lars
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    @Rococoo and @XIII -- Apple are intentionally making it more and more difficult to "downgrade" apps or install unrecommended/older/legacy versions, especially on iOS, and frankly, I don't blame them. Far more problems, data loss and customer support issues are generated by keeping the process wide open for anyone to install anything. Sure, IT professionals can handle it and may be dismayed by the restrictions Apple has begun enforcing...but most people are not IT professionals and can get themselves into some real trouble -- including the loss of valuable/irreplaceable data or even (in iOS) the bricking of expensive devices - by trying to follow instructions about changing root certificates and whatnot, all in the service of attempting to acquire/run outdated or non-recommended versions of something.

    I hear you, @Rococoo -- I too am eagerly awaiting the iPhone X! However, until it's here, best not to get too far out front of ourselves, to the degree we can. :) While Apple have removed apps from the most-recent update to iTunes, you should still be able to find iOS apps on your Mac in ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/ -- assuming you've already synced that older iPhone 4S with your Mac at some point in the past. That's my only real suggestion, however. Other than that, you may be out of luck, unfortunately.

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