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I just signed up for the 30 day free trial of a 1Password 6 account. I have faith that 1Password can address my need: simplify my password needs in a secure way. Having said that, I do find the terms used with this software familiar, yet confusing.

Within the Support pages, the various terms seem to be used inconsistently, or at least in an interchanging, confusing manner. “1Password account”, “subscription account”, “membership”, “license”, “trial period”, “password mini”, “Mac or Windows apps”

The information in within the Support page does a reasonable job of explaining the various processes for setting up and managing passwords, but I found the pages perplexing until about the third time I read through them. I understand the software continues to evolve since 2006 (that’s a good thing) and explaining how those different versions can be accommodated is part of Agilebits challenge. My suggestion would be for Agilebits to consider an in-depth glossary of terms that clearly defines all the terms in addition to the support pages already available.

I do have a question (finally).
I recently started a trial period with a “family level” account. As the organizer, I invited my wife. When she received the invitation she was directed to also set up a Master Password and received a Secret Key. My question: what is the value in both my wife and I having separate Secret Keys in the same account?

1Password Version: 1Password 6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS11
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hey @greenlar! I'm excited you're giving a Family account a try! Most of the words you listed actually do have different meanings and we do have something of a glossary here, but I noticed quite a few of those aren't included. Maybe time for some updating? I'll certainly ask our documentation team what they think and see if we can come up with something better. :chuffed:

    Separating terms used with standalone vaults (such as "license") from those used with 1Password memberships ("membership," "1Password account," "subscription account") can be challenge, as is talking about these things to different groups. If I say "1Password account" to someone with a license for the standalone version of 1Password, they may think I'm talking about their license and be worried if I tell them they don't have one. If I say they don't have a "1Password subscription account," that's a bit easier for them to understand. If I talk about a "1Password subscription account" to someone with a 1Password membership, they often wonder what other type of account there is. This isn't even taking into account terminology used across the 1Password universe like 1Password mini (that's the mini version of 1Password you see on your menubar or in your browser). It's an ongoing challenge, but we're always trying to do a bit better every day so we appreciate the feedback. :+1:

    As for you an your wife having separate profiles on the same account, this helps you keep items that only you need separate from those you share. With your spouse, you may find the vast majority of your items end up in your Shared vault for both of you, but since I have my parents as part of my Family account, I keep logins my partner and I use in their own vault accessible to the two of us, things the whole family shares (like our Netflix login) in our Shared vault and items like my e-mail login in my Private vault. How you organize your items is up to you, but separate profiles allows you to keep certain items private, if you'd like. Even if that item is just a secure note with birthday gift ideas for your wife. :wink:

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