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hey guys,

not sure if there is an official channel to log/describe new feature proposal requests?

It's been 2 months for me now with 1password and I'm fully onboarded with all my passwords there (over 120 entries).

Very happy overall here's 2 features I would suggest that I can see them needed especially as entries keep increasing:

1) An ordering mechanism or something similar that shows me my "weakest" passwords on the "Logins" section according to the strength entry. I find this useful because I normally focus first onboarding the entries with my existing "weak" passwords and further down the line come back and change to a stronger password.

2) A search functionality on Tags. Tags is a brilliant idea that can cut-across various entries grouping according to different criterias. It's loose and flexibile similar to the way i.e. blog entries organise information. I find myself having an ever-growing list of Tags. It would be very useful for me to be able to "search" Tags.


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  • rudy


    This is a fine place to post those requests.

    As it happens both are already in the app.

    a. Click on Logins
    b. At the top of the item list there is some text "460 items sorted by Title", Click that
    c. Choose Password strength from the top section, Choose weakest to strongest in the bottom section

    You can alternatively make use of the Security Audit section in the sidebar to review weak, duplicate, old and passwords you have for sites that there have been public notices that they've been compromised.

    a. Click in the Search box
    b. Click on the magnifying glass so that it brings up the menu
    c. choose search options
    d. click on the Title pop-up button and change it to Tag, put a tag in the field to the right and hit return.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


  • dimitrisli
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    Fantastic @rudy - thanks much for the prompt reply!

  • Lars
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    @dimitrisli - On behalf of Rudy and the rest of us, you're quite welcome -- enjoy 1Password and thanks for the suggestions!

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