Converting from 1Password Pro on iPad to family version....

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Hi, I have the most recent version of 1Password Pro on my iPad. I joined a Family version set up by my son. Tried to import my 242 existing accounts into the Family version. First, the 'count-of' accounts in the Family version is now 100. Secondly, the 'count-of' accounts on the iPad version looks like duplicates were made. Help!!

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  • @david_margulies: At first glance here, it sounds like you may have two issues. First, that your existing items didn't all import into your family account and second, that your old vault is still with you so that you see duplicate items in the All Vaults view. Let's see if we can't get a better handle on things:

    1. Unlock 1Password, tap the icon in the upper left-hand corner and select Primary. What number do you see next to All Items here?
    2. Tap that icon again and select Private. What number do you see next to All Items here?

    I don't need to know anything about your items, just the item counts. This will let me know whether everything has properly migrated or if we need to try moving your items again. Also, could you let me know if you have any other devices you're going to want to use with 1Password? If we need to delete items from your family account and give migrating another try, it's easier to delete items en masse on a desktop or laptop, so it would be helpful to know if you have one available to work with. :+1:

    Thanks! :chuffed:

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