Seperate Vault selection for 1Password and 1Password Mini and/or 1Password browser extensions

Justin Mullis
Justin Mullis
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I'm on an IT team with a separate Vault for each of our clients, so about 60-70 Vaults. I frequently have a sort of workflow interruption in 1Password that would be nice to have an option to control. The scenario is I'll be doing work for a specific client and have their Vault open in the main 1Password window. Then I'll browse the web and need to login somewhere, usually with credentials from my personal vault. So I'll switch back to "All Vaults" (or my personal vault) in 1Password Mini/browser extension. This also switches to All Vaults in the main application. So now when I need to check something for my client I have to switch to their Vault again.

This may seem oddly specific but it happens at least a few times a day for me and other members of my team. An option to separate Vault selection between 1Password mini/browser extension and the main application would alleviate this. So if I switch to All Vaults in 1PW Mini, the main application stays put.

Related to this - pulling up a specific client Vault is kind of irritating with the number of vaults we have. Instead of having to scroll and click, it would be nice if I could just start typing their name and have a kind of auto complete run as I'm typing.


Wow, I just realized looking through my post history that I asked about this back in Feburary. Well I guess its probably already on the roadmap if it was ever going to be a feature.

1Password Version: 6.8.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.12.6
Sync Type: Teams
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  • Lars
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    Hi @Justin Mullis -- thanks for the idea (again)! Unfortunately, this would require a much greater set of changes under the hood than I'm guessing you're imagining: the mini and the main app are a reflection of one another in this regard, so it's not a simple change to just show different views in the two.

    Having said that, we're considering and/or working on various changes in how data is or can be displayed and manipulated within 1Password for the upcoming 1Password 7 (and no, I don't have anything to share about when that will be released ;) ). For the immediate future, you can use the keyboard shortcuts of ⌘1, ⌘2, etc, to specify your first ten vaults, if you want to structure things that way with your most-used vaults ordered as the first ten. You can also use the search feature to find many items, unless what you're searching for is something each vault had at least one of (which would return too many results to be useful, if you have 60 or 70 vaults).

    More than anything else, I'd suggest keeping an eye peeled for 1Password 7, which may give you greater ability to manipulate command of your vaults in a way that's more to your liking. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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