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I am evaluating the CLI and upon logging in I got an email saying that 'robertcesiPhone' has signed into my account. I am wondering if that device name was accidentally hard coded into the CLI.


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Referrer: forum-search:robertcesiPhone


  • MMartynMMartyn
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    I guess I am more curious about how it determines the device name and possibly what would cause the name to be wrong.

  • MMartynMMartyn
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    I think I figured it out on my own. From what I can tell it does a reverse dns lookup and uses that as the device name. Then it saves that to the .device file

  • The name of the device is from Go's os.Hostname() call which could behave differently on different platforms. Here it shows as invoking sysctl kern.hostname.

    The CLI itself isn't doing any kind of reverse DNS to determine this, we want to get this info from the OS. If you're on a Mac, run hostname and you'll likely get the same result.


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