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CLI for non-team users

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Is the CLI available to users that downloaded the app from the App Store (or purchased a regular licence) but have no team account?

The op signin seems to require a Secret Key, which is only available to team accounts (it is mentioned that "If you purchased 1Password as a standalone app without a membership, then you don’t have a Secret Key, and you don’t need to sign in when you open the app.").

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  • Hi @lucianf,

    The differentiator here isn't whether you downloaded/purchased from the Mac App Store as you can do all of the same purchases there. The differentiating factor is that you purchased a standalone license.

    The 1Password CLI requires a membership to the 1Password.com service. We did this because we felt that there are already enough tools out there that can read and write to OPVault and AgileKeychain files. Both OPVault and AgileKeychain are well documented formats. Currently we're only supporting a subset of what most OPVault tools support. Since there was nothing that could run on the CLI and talk to our server, and doing so is a large amount of work due to all of the crypto work needed, we thought it'd be good for us to step in and do it ourselves.

    While a CLI tool for OPVault would be mostly only useful for basic CRUD operations on items, there's a lot more that we can do with 1Password.com as there's simply a lot more that's possible there.


  • lucianflucianf
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    Thanks, sorry, of course it doesn't make sense where you downloaded from. I meant online account vs regular licence.

    Well in that case please make this more clear - I hope you'll agree with me that it's not obvious that op is limited to 1Password.com accounts. On the other hand, it would probably be better if you offered unified access to both types of users, even if there are other solutions (I don't see why anyone would mind if you incorporated their open source tool in yours).

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @lucianf: First in the documentation is signing in and out of a 1Password.com account, so I'm not sure what you mean. As Rick mentioned, the CLI app is being built specifically with 1Password.com accounts in mind since there are existing tools for local vaults. We don't have any plans to try to reinvent the wheel there (or take use someone else's code when it can be used without our help), and this is something we've specifically been asked for by 1Password Teams customers from the beginning, so it makes sense to focus on that use case.

  • lucianflucianf
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    No worries, makes sense. But:

    • I thought signing in meant authenticating to the app or the online service (just like I "sign in" when I use my master password).
    • the blog post that was introducing the CLI wasn't clear either. Take a look at these statements:

    "Here at AgileBits, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to bring power users, developers, and administrators more powerful ways to interact with 1Password. We’re proud to announce that we have something that fits the bill." -- no mention of 1Password.com only, this seems geared to everybody

    "Now all of 1Password is available with just two characters: op." -- seems like this should read "all of 1Password.com"

    "A simple op signin will securely authenticate you with the 1Password service" -- again, unclear what "service" means. Could be a local service?

    Then further down in the comments your founder says "The main reason for this is the CLI was primarily created for our 1Password Teams customers." -- doesn't this suggest that there are "secondary" customers that can use this as well?

    And note that there is no mention of 1Password.com anywhere in the blog post.

    I hope you can now understand my confusion..

  • You're right, this could certainly be clearer. We'll keep that in mind.


  • lucianflucianf
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    And, sorry for beating an old horse, but it might also pay renaming "1password-cli" to "1password-for-teams-cli". Again, for clarity - if you're not planning to make this align with the (full) master product.

  • It's not just for 1Password Teams, it's for all of 1Password.com... even the individual accounts. And as far as I'm concerned, 1Password.com is 1Password.


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