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Seems that signin no longer works on 1Password.com

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I recently deleted a lot of items (over 500) and emptied the 1Password trash on my iMac 1Password. After that, sync froze on my iPhone and iPad 1Password instances. So, I deleted the iPhone app and reinstalled it. It took multiple times to get a successful signin, even using scan from the iMac, but eventually it did work. No such luck with the iPad, and now I can't signin to 1Password.com. I changed the master password, and syncing works fine between iPhone and iMac, but I'm still unable to signin with the iPad and .com accounts. BTW, I still have iCloud sync enabled, but it's basically empty. Everything goes through 1Password, which has both Personal and Shared (with my wife) vaults. IOS version is whatever is the latest on both devices.

1Password Version: 6.8.3
Extension Version: 4.6.11
OS Version: 10.13
Sync Type: iCloud and 1Password.com
Referrer: forum-search:Not able to signing to 1Password.com


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @DPMNC: Can you clarify what you're doing with iCloud there? Do you have a local vault too in 1Password? Or do you just mean that you have iCloud setup on your device? Also,

    I'm still unable to signin with the iPad and .com accounts

    What does this mean? Are you getting an error? A screenshot may help. To include it in your reply, simply click the document button in the top of the comment field, and select the file you wish to share:

    Just be sure not to post anything sensitive, as this is a public forum. Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for the comment. It's probably confusing with the number of moving parts that I described above, so let me get it to the essence as of right now.

    1Password families account is successfully syncing between iMac and iPhone. The account has two vaults, personal and shared. However, when I try to log into 1Password.com, i get the following text in a popup bubble:

    Cannot sign in. Your email address, Secret Key, or Master Password is incorrect.

    I do still have iCloud sync working as well, but there are only two items in that vault.

    I suspect that I need to have my account reset for logins. Can you advise on how to do that? I don't really want to put my email address on this board.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi @DPMNC,

    If you go to https://start.1password.com, are you able to sign in there? Let's take the iPhone out of the equation to start out, and make sure that the Secret Key and Master Password that you're using for the account is in fact correct.

    Are you using the iCloud/Primary vault on your iMac or iPhone as well, or is it just on the iPad? I ask because the iCloud vault could have a different Master Password than the account, which is why I said we should start by checking to make sure that the credentials you're using are actually correct. If they're correct (and we've verified that via the website) then we should start digging into why the iPhone wouldn't like them.


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    Hello rickfillion,

    I didn't realize that there might be more than one Master Password. I assume that you realize just how confusing that can be for users who aren't into administering their system everyday <>. Anyways, your comment caused me to reconsider what I was doing, and lo and behold, I got in to 1Password.com. I did, in fact, have more than one Master Password (.com and iCloud, I assume). Anyways, that got the 1Password.com access fixed.

    From there, I was able to successfully setup myiPad application. So, all is well with the world right now. I think that I will go ahead and delete the iCloud vault, as it just confuses things.

    Thanks much for your help.


  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @DPMNC: I'm glad you were able to figure things out! :chuffed: It definitely can get confusing when you add standalone vaults into the mix. Each and every standalone vault you create can have its own Master Password, but the 1Password app will unlock with the Master Password for the fist vault or account you add, so it's definitely easy to forget any other Master Passwords. One thing I love about 1Password accounts is that you no longer have per vault Master Passwords -- just one Master Password gets you all of your data. Great for someone with my faulty memory to be sure. :sweat:

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