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Trying to set up 1password on new Windows laptop. Need help

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Program is asking for secret key. I don't have one. I don't know what my account status is with IPassword. I have a long license key, but no other info.

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  • LarsLars

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    Hi @wdoxford - A Secret Key is part of the security of 1password.com accounts. If you're using 1Password with local data and a standalone license, you don't need a Secret Key because you don't need a 1password.com account.

    If you're using 1Password for Windows and the application is asking you for a Secret Key, that's because you downloaded 1Password 6 for Windows. Version 6 is indeed the most-current version, but it only works with 1Password accounts (which require a Secret Key, which is why you're being asked for one). If you want to sync or create local 1Password data, you'll need to use the older 1Password 4 for Windows, which is the most-current version that works with local vaults and standalone licenses. The upcoming 1Password 7 for Windows will work with both, but for now, uninstall version 6 and use version 4. Sorry for the confusion.

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