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Hi I have an account but can not log in.
I get the message that the password is incorrect. If I apply for a new one, I will not get a response.
Can anyone help me?

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    @fransvangelderen: Your Master Password is known only by you. We cannot reset it for you and you cannot change it without entering the old one. There is also no "back door" to access your data without the Master Password. If there were, that would be a security hole that could be exploited to gain access to your secure information.

    We have published a troubleshooting guide in our knowledge base that may help you recover the password:


    If you're entering your Master Password but it's not being accepted, we have another guide that may help you:


    If these guides don't help, your best bet may be to start over. If you do start over, any data you've already saved will be lost, so it's best to exhaust other options before taking that step. :+1:

  • fransvangelderenfransvangelderen
    Community Member

    Hi, I think I know what's going on. My account is frozen but I have no idea why. Can you tell me why?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @fransvangelderen: If you signed up for a 1Password.com trial and didn't setup billing, your account will be frozen. However, that doesn't have any bearing on your Master Password: you will still need to enter it correctly to access your data. Frozen just means that you cannot make changes to your data. You can setup your plan by signing into your account:


    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • fransvangelderenfransvangelderen
    Community Member

    I understand, but I bought a license for my phone. Then I can log in with my password on a mac? On my phone and mac, I can handle my data, but I can not log in with this password

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @fransvangelderen: Purchasing the iOS version does not entitle you to the Mac version (or vice versa). The apps are a separate purchase for each platform (unless you have a 1Password.com membership, which includes all of them). As Kate mentioned earlier, we can't help you with your Master Password; that was only ever known by you. Definitely try her suggestions, as they've helped many other people. But ultimately without the Master Password you are no different than anyone else trying to access the data without it. :(

  • fransvangelderenfransvangelderen
    Community Member

    Okay, thanks for your help.
    Kind regards

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    I'm sorry I don't have better news for you on that count, but we're here if you need anything else.

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