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Account Frozen without warning.

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I've just logged on to start work for the day and my account is frozen. I had no prior warning for this and as far as I was aware my account has been paid for. Upon following the on screen instruction, it seems the only options are to pay via credit card. I'm currently in the process of receiving a new card so cannot use (yet) as I live overseas. I can however, pay by Paypal. I need to resolve this urgently as I cannot access any of my passwords and as a result can't work. I'm more disappointed to be honest that there was no prior warning for this.

Can anyone help me resolve this ASAP?

Thanks in advance.

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  • scottwozscottwoz
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    Managed to find an alternative card.

    It would still be a good idea to have a reminder email put in place, rather just an instant account freeze.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    edited October 2017

    Sorry for the confusion there. While you'll receive a noticed a few days in advance if you haven't setup billing to make sure your account is not frozen, since you had setup billing and we don't charge your card until it's time, you won't get a "warning" email in that case. That would be kind of weird: "We're really about to charge your card like you told us to do!" We just don't have a way to predict if your card will work until the time comes — and frankly I don't want any company charging my card for something until it's time to do so.

    Also, when your account is frozen, you can still access your data. You just can't modify it or have 1Password fill for you until you setup billing. Anyway, I'm glad you were able to do that and get things sorted out. Cheers! :)

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