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Feature suggestion: Ability to add tag when saving a login.


It would be very useful if as a user, I could add a tag when I am saving a login from the inline menu as so happens in the windows version of the add on

Thank you in advance

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 0.97
OS Version: Ubuntu MATE 16.04.3
Sync Type: 1Password


  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    Hey @djargar,

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know you'd find adding tag support while saving items useful! We have a fair amount of work regarding tags in 1Password for Chrome, but I'll see if this is something we can get added to the list.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Andrew Beyer (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Lifeline @ AgileBits

  • RobTXRobTX
    Community Member
    edited December 2018

    Any news on adding this feature? I have to go in after I capture a new login now and add the tags. This would be very helpful, especially for those of us that migrated from other platforms like LastPass with folders. Thanks.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    We don't have any plans to add folders, but as Beyer mentioned we do plan to expand on tag management in the future. Thanks for your interest. :)

  • mattaningrammattaningram
    Community Member
    edited February 2019

    The saving new logins experience in 1PasswordX is really poor. You have to remember to click the thing before you login or all the contextual information about the URL, your login, and your password are lost. And even when you do remember to save a new login you can't provide any organizational information like a tag to it.

    It's been continually disappointing for me that I switched from LastPass to 1Password because of the prettier UI and support pages when the actual experience feels so much less capable and less consistent (saving before logging in with 1PasswordX saving after logging in with 1Password regular). Tags don't even auto-complete when you add them afterwards!

    This has been a feature request for over a year now and seems like something that should have shipped with 1Password from the get-go.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @mattaningram: A lot of people really prefer the 1Password X way of doing things, but certainly there's room for improvement. Can you tell me the OS and browser versions you're using?

    Tags would be managed in the 1Password web interface, not 1Password X, but we are hoping to expand the capabilities of the web app in the future as well. Thanks for the feedback!

  • mattaningrammattaningram
    Community Member

    @brenty I'm using latest macOS Mojave and Chrome v72.

    Can you describe to me what the benefit would be of saving a login before you actually log in? I can't think of a situation in which that would be an improvement over doing it afterwards.

    With Lastpass it's so obvious because it adds a little popup asking if you want to save the login (AFTER logging in), and the popup is not physically connected to the inputs and remains until you dismiss it. This is particularly useful when you are registering for the first time because it insures you grab the correct username and password instead of prompting you to save those before you have even completed registration. For example the other day I realized I had made a typo in my email after I had already saved it to 1Pass. So I had to remember after fixing it in the registration form to find it in 1Pass and fix it there too. If 1Pass asked me to save after I had completed logging in or registering, it would significantly reduce those situations.

    None of my family uses the X extension because of these experience issues, and as far as I know all the other password services prompt you afterwards, not before.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @mattaningram: I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. What's the downside? It seems like it's a good idea to save login credentials either way. And, as you noted, if you make a mistake, you can change it. :)

    Anyway, 1Password X runs entirely in the browser, so there is not (currently) a way for it to work outside of that -- for example across multiple webpages, as its running in the current one when you invoke it. You can, however, use the native 1Password desktop app/extension instead, if you wish, and that works more like what you seem to expect:


    Cheers! :)

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