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Request - Account hints when using multiple accounts

When dealing with multiple accounts, there are sometimes overlaps.
This could also happen if the password is in another vault as well.

It would be useful to signify from which account/vault the password details are being sourced from.

An example:

The first option is from my personal account
The second is from my work account

The 3rd can be disregarded as it's for a different website.

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  • danvpetersondanvpeterson

    Team Member
    edited November 2017

    Hey @cybo, thanks for the feedback! Mind sharing why you have two Logins with the same username saved in different accounts? Is it actually a duplicate just in two different accounts? Is there a reason you do that? I like to try thinking through use cases before designing solutions.

  • antdkingantdking
    Community Member

    Hi Dan,
    So in this instance, they are just duplicates as we've only just introduced 1password at work.

    However a great example of a real use case would be Slack. I'm in multiple communities that use slack, and it's used at work. A password is needed for each instance

  • danvpetersondanvpeterson

    Team Member
    edited November 2017

    Thanks @cybo! Slack is a great example. I'll think about this some more and try to figure out a good solution.

    I dislike showing Account or Vault avatars all the time in the list view as it really clutters things up and becomes visually distracting when it's not needed. We could potentially show only when there are multiple items with the same title but then I'm concerned with folks being annoyed that they show sometimes but not others and being confused.

    I personally add descriptive titles to each item (so "Slack - AgileBits" and "Slack - App Camp" for example). Considering people often have these types of items stored in the same account, showing the avatars doesn't necessarily help.

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