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0.9.8 released – our second Release Candidate!


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The whole team and I just finished camping out at my house this week to bring you some awesome new features and a lot of lovely finishing touches. This is our second release candidate and we believe we'll need only one or two more before release, so if you encounter any issues, please let us know!

Our latest baby is working its way through the Chrome Web Store update process now and should be available for everyone in about an hour from now. Here's the full changelog:

[NEW] When you save a login, you can now update it if you make further changes.
[NEW] We embraced the notch and redesigned the inline menu to have one.
[NEW] Now badging favorited items and showing them first within the inline menu.
[NEW] Previous 1Password extensions are now disabled on first run.
[IMPROVED] Several design improvements were made to the inline menu.
[IMPROVED] Updated icons for Save New Login and Use Suggested Password.
[IMPROVED] Using a suggested password now brings up the Save Login prompt.
[IMPROVED] Using the keyboard with the inline menu now works on more websites. For example, the Google Accounts sign in page. {#92} #171
[IMPROVED] Removed needless re-rendering of inline menu when switching between keyboard and mouse to avoid flickering.
[IMPROVED] The behaviour of the inline menu is more consistent and predictable
[IMPROVED] Clicking the 1Password icon in forms will always activate the inline menu if it's not visible
[IMPROVED] The 1Password icon no longer changes colours while the app is unlocked
[IMPROVED] Added additional logging within the lock manager.
[IMPROVED] 1Password accounts can be removed without locking 1Password.
[IMPROVED] Better keyboard navigation when viewing an item's details including the enter key now triggering the focused button.
[FIXED] Greatly improved the inline menu on websites that use iframes #175
[FIXED] Lock manager now gets the new autolock time immediately after being changed.
[FIXED] Much improved focus styling on buttons within the popup.
[FIXED] Inline menu once again ignores vaults that were hidden within the popup.
[FIXED] Credit Cards and Identities properly fill from their respective categories.
[FIXED] Login Items that don't contain a website will no longer attempt to Go & Fill.
[FIXED] While in incognito mode we avoid showing the inline menu. #186
[FIXED] Removed non-working customize buttons from accounts in the vault list.
[FIXED] Hiding documents and linked items until we get full support for documents. #184

Please put this new version through its paces and let us know how it goes.

Thank you! <3

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