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Update: 1Password X now available for both Chrome and Firefox! :)

Welcome to 1Password X, a look at the future of 1Password in the browser – a future that we're excited to share with you today.

You can see our announcement post for the full story on how 1Password X came to be and why it's so awesome.

Installation is simple – just grab it from the Chrome Web Store:

Install 1Password X (Chrome)

Or from the official AMO (addons.mozilla.org) site:

Install 1Password X (Firefox)

Setup is equally simple: just log in to your 1Password account. You can then activate 1Password X by clicking the 1Password icon in your toolbar, or use it directly as you browse the web. See our Getting Started guide for details.

I hope you enjoy 1Password X as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Please share your experiences and ideas for improvement in this forum.

Exploring the future of 1Password X

If you would like to have early access to new releases of 1Password X and be the first to experience new features, we'd love for you to become an Explorer.

To suit up, simply install this version from the Chrome Web Store:

Install 1Password X Explorer

All space cadets explorers are asked to share their questions and feedback in the 1Password X Explorers forum so we can keep things organized.

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