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1.0 Released!

Now that we've posted our announcement I can share the changelog for 1.0 with you :)

[NEW] Hello 1Password X! 1Password for Chrome has shedded its civilian clothes and revealed its secret identity.
[NEW] 1Password X sports a beautiful new unlock screen.
[NEW] Localization support in Chrome Web Store.
[IMPROVED] Added keyboard support to item details within the popup.
[IMPROVED] Updated all localizations and added French.
[IMPROVED] Changed the default keyboard shortcut to open 1Password to Ctrl-Shift-X.
[IMPROVED] The Copy button fits in better with the rest of the interface.
[IMPROVED] Item detail section headers are much more distinctive with better spacing.
[IMPROVED] 1Password now automatically appears on single page website that use javascript to create their login form.
[IMPROVED] Added an extra activity monitor for Linux users running KDE that automatically locks if there's no tab activity for 30 minutes.
[IMPROVED] The copy buttons in item details more now more reliable. You can also click on the item details themseleves to trigger the copy.
[IMPROVED] Made the vault view button clearer with a new icon when in All Vaults.
[IMPROVED] Changed the All Vaults icon from the color wheel to the 1Password icon.
[FIXED] Item fields without labels now display nicely.

You will be updated to 1.0 automatically so there is no need to reinstall anything. As mentioned in the 1.0 is imminent! THANK YOU for making this possible! announcement, we'd love it if you could continue using the early release channel as we'll be releasing many new goodies over the coming months and years.

Thanks again for helping us get to 1.0! <3

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