Ignore autosave?

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  • Hi agilebits,

    same here. Currently I am using 1PasswordX.
    Perfect solution would be to store the ignored websites in the password safe in a special folder, so they can roam and survive new installations.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Thanks for the feedback, @telebumm! I'm smiling ear to ear reading those "perfect solution" words you wrote :)

    As for ignoring autosave, we handle login saving much differently in 1Password X so we still have some thinking to do on how to go about "ignoring" websites. I'm thinking there really isn't much to ignore as you need to manually invoke Save Login after manually typing your password. And when using a suggested password, saving is mandatory, otherwise you'll quickly lose access to the new account you're signing up for.

    With that said, there might be certain sites that you don't want 1Password ever appearing on. This would mean you could only fill logins for these sites by using 1Password from your toolbar icon. If this use case becomes important enough I could certainly see us adding the ability to exclude certain domains within settings.

    As for roaming and surviving new installations, I like the idea of storing this ignore list on the server so that you only need to configure it once and all your machines everywhere learn about the sites they should ignore.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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