Go Back Target Area Could Be Bigger

When looking at one of my Password items with a long title on Apple Watch, 1Password uses the entire width of the display to show as much of the item title as possible with an ellipsis if it is too long. After a few seconds, the title contracts to accommodate the digital time at the top right.

It is probably my poor eyesight and fat fingers, but I frequently need to make several taps to get back to the item list because the back arrow is so small. Would be great if the target area were a little bigger. I do understand that tapping on the title is reserved for scrolling back to the top.

Ticker-style, horizontal scrolling of long item titles after a short delay like you get on the media control app would be rather helpful too.

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  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @Penelope Pitstop: I am really enjoying your feedback because much of it applies to me as well. I thought I was alone in Fatfingerland! I hate to gripe about stuff like that when it's just me, but I'm happy to agree with you on this. Hopefully we can make it more fat-finger-friendly in the future. :)

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