Beta 1.0.3 was just published


Our second beta update since the official 1.0 release! And assuming no regressions are reported, we'll promote this up to the official release channel in time for US Thanksgiving dinner! :)

This update is working its way through the Chrome Web Store update process now and should be available for everyone in about an hour from now. Here's the full changelog:

[IMPROVED] Users are now returned to the settings page after the add account link.
[IMPROVED] Better handling of the enter key on the Save Item Dialog when using Input Method Editors.
[IMPROVED] Better focus handling on pages with multiple forms, especially when using the keyboard.
[FIXED] Can now close inline menu using the escape key on pages with multiple forms.
[FIXED] No longer showing TOTP count down or TOTP code if the authentication url is invalid.
[FIXED] Settings page now properly updates when removing locked accounts.

Please put this new version through its paces and let us know how it goes.

Thank you! <3


  • nd3r
    Community Member

    Thanks for the release notes!
    Could you possibly add these posts as stickies so they always stay at the top of the forum?

  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @nd3r: Thanks for the encouragement! I know Dave has been having fun writing those, making that feature list even longer — or is it checking off the todo list? Maybe both, and either way everybody wins! :lol:

    I'm not certain that pinning release notes to the top of the forum is the best thing. As you can see, Dave and Beyer are on fire with 1Password X, so we probably need to move the release notes somewhere more permanent before they burn the place down:

    Hopefully soon! Cheers! :crazy:

  • Thanks for the suggestion, @nd3r. I personally find it harder to find forum posts when they are pinned as they kind of hide near the top so I often miss them. With that said I guess not every one reads every single post here like I do so pinning could help them.

    We pinned today's release notes and we'll see how it goes. If we end up seeing more people viewing the release notes, we'll continue doing so.

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