Feature Request: add reminder/calendar event about expiration of credit card, passport and etc.

It would be nice if 1password will allow (by request) to add event to calender/reminder about expiration date for any document/item that has expire/valid dates.

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    Welcome to the forum, @plandem -- and thanks for the suggestion, I'll certainly mention it to our developers. I can't say for certain whether you'll see such a feature, though. In truth, there are a great many features that would be nice for 1Password to have, but which fall outside of our most direct mandate - password security - and thus are less urgent for us. We also have to take into account not adding too many extra features or additional code to 1Password, as it can become unruly quickly if we try to do so.

    I guess what I'm trying to say for now is that, while we aren't opposed to the idea, given that we're also getting ready to launch 1Password 7 across various platforms and also have a full plate of other additions that are more central to 1Password's main functionality (security), I couldn't even begin to offer you an idea of when - or even whether - you might see such a feature. In the meantime, as my colleague Ben pointed out here, you may want to tag items with expiration dates, so you can easily search for them. Not as elegant as a built-in link to your calendaring application, but should work to keep you from missing deadlines. Thanks again! :)

  • I asked for this capability years ago. Doesn't need to be fancy. It could be a report in the Security Audit section that monitors any entry that has an expiry date field and then presents you with the ability to sort or make folders by that field.

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    Thanks for the feedback, @roregan. :)


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