"Lock 1Password after system is idle for" not working properly



Since there is no option to completely turn off the lock function after x minutes I changed it to 300minutes which seems to be max? but for some reason it locks the extension much earlier than that.

For example, if I lock my Windows session, the extension seems to lock also.

Is it possible to:
1. Add a feature to never lock the 1P application?
2. Change the behavior so it doesn't lock 1P if I lock my Windows session?


1Password Version: 1.2.0
Extension Version: 1.2.0
OS Version: Windows 10 1709
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • bundtkate
    edited December 2017

    @nd3r: I see this same behavior on both Windows and Mac myself, which says to me it may well be intentional. That said, I don't know that for sure and we do offer an option to disable locking when your computer is locked for the desktop apps. As always, 1Password X is very different animal so it might be there isn't an easy way to allow this within the browser the way we can with a native app, but I'll certainly pass your feedback along to the team. :chuffed:

  • Hello @nd3r,

    Locking in 1Password X happens when you quit Chrome, your machine sleeps or locks, or when the idle timeout is exceeded. I suspect it is the second one that surprised you.

    Having 1Password X never lock is something we would never do as it would require us to write out your master password (or some equivalent) to disk since there would be no other place to store it when Chrome exits. That's simply not something we're interested in doing as it's terribly insecure.

    Making it so 1Password X doesn't lock when your Windows session locks is possible and something that we're considering. Honestly I'd prefer to keep the 1Password X locking code as simple as possible as things need to work on many platforms and the available APIs provided by Chrome are fairly limited (and have bugs of their own that we need to work around). With this in mind I may delay adding these options until 1Password X is able to communicate with the main desktop app where we have more options available to us.

    Time will tell :)

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