1P icon in the login field is placed wrong sometimes

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I noticed that on some sites the 1P extension button is placed in the wrong field.

For example at www.fz.se; when you go to login page the 1P button is placed in the password field:

But on www.sweclockers.com the 1P button is placed in the username field:

I have saved credentials on both sites and if I press the icon it returns the credentials for both of them even if the icon is misplaced.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.2.0
OS Version: Windows 10 1709
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • @nd3r: Interesting, I see the same on the sites you shared. The icon can and should swap between fields depending on which you have focused (as you'll see if you click each field without typing or filling on www.sweclockers.com), but completely refuses to display in the username field on fz.se I'd say this meant that 1Password isn't recognizing the username field on fz.se, but since it fills properly, that's clearly not the case. There are a number of site design elements that can certainly play a role in 1Password X's behavior and some characteristic of this site's design may be preventing the inline menu icon from displaying properly. The good news being, of course, that it still fills properly so we can at least take our time in refining this process and seeing what's getting in the way here. Thanks for sharing and I'll pass your findings along to the development team for a closer look. :chuffed:

  • Hello again @nd3r! We've seen each other a lot tonight :)

    The issue on www.fz.se is they did not group their username and password fields into a single form so 1Password X doesn't treat them as a single unit. This is an anti-pattern in web development but unfortunately not everyone avoids doing so anyway. We don't want to decorate every field with our icon as it feels obnoxious and looks pretty bad. Instead we take a conservative approach and only decorate forms that contain a password field and individual password fields that are not part of a form. That's why you see the 1Password icon appear on the password field that you showed in your screenshot.

    On www.sweclockers.com we see the expected behaviour of 1Password X: there is a single 1Password icon that appears in the form and the icon follows you as you navigate through the form fields.

    I hope that helps explain what's happening and sheds some light on why we do things the way we do.

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