Release 1.2.2 published to Chrome Web Store


We just published our first update of December! Some lovely changes for a lovely snowy Decemeber day. :)

Version 1.2.2 is working its way through the Chrome Web Store update process now and should be available for everyone in about an hour from now. Here's the full changelog:

[NEW] Search in the 1Password pop-up can now be triggered with Ctrl-F (Command-F on Mac), in addition to simply typing.
[NEW] Fields within item details can now have multiple action buttons.
[NEW] Passwords can be revealed if you have the appropriate permissions.
[IMPROVED] Toggling a vault in All Vaults configuration now takes effect immediately, even if you close the pop-up before clicking Done.
[IMPROVED] 1Password button now doesn't overlap the Show password label on the New York Times sign in page.
[IMPROVED] Updated styling of details screen when showing non-Login item types.
[IMPROVED] The inline menu repositions itself if the page is resized.
[IMPROVED] Upgraded to React 16.2. Fragments ftw!
[IMPROVED] Clicking an unlocked account link on the settings now automatically signs you into
[IMPROVED] Suggested passwords now include numbers.
[FIXED] When showing an item's details, if one section contains more than one generic fields (e.g. two phone number fields), mouse over now will set the focus correctly.
[FIXED] When mousing over a field in item details, the field no longer steals focus.
[FIXED] Greatly improved reliability when filling multiple times on a page.
[FIXED] The pop-up remained on the lock screen after a successful unlock in certain conditions.

Chrome should install this update for you automatically within 6 hours of this new version arriving in the Chrome Web Store. Once it does, please let us know how it goes.

Thank you! <3


  • twonine
    Community Member

    I just saw that this release went to the public channel as 1.3. As it appears identical to the release notes on the 1.2.2 version, I'm confused on the versioning differences between the public and beta channels. Will they always be mismatched like this?

  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @twonine: Thanks for getting in touch! I agree that the versioning is a bit confusing right now. Regrettably, we also do not yet have 1Password X release notes on our update site. But we'll be addressing both as soon as we're able. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • They are indeed identical. And it is confusing when viewing both the beta and release channels at the same time. There are a few reasons why we have it this way, none of which I've overly happy about so I expect we'll change it eventually.

    Until then rest peacefully in the knowledge that they are indeed the same code bases, just different version numbers to keep the Chrome Web Store happy.

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