request to make OTP visible in 1P Mini fly-out

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I manage many AWS accounts and unfortunately 1P cannot differentiate the difference between them all, so I always have to manually chose the correct login from the list generated by command-.

It would be great if 1P could somehow know which AWS login to auto-fill, but so far that doesn't seem possible. :(

However, the issue I'm writing about is when I do pick a login from the command-\ choices, and then advance to the AWS MFA screen, I cannot see the required (and present) OTP in the AWS login edit/fly-out from 1P Mini in the main Mac menu bar.

For these sites I have to manually pick a 1P kept login and then open the 1P main app, find the login and copy the OTP.

Hmmm, I just tried the fly-out from the 1P plug-in icon within Chrome and that does show the OTP in a given 1P record. However, the same shortcut icon to 1P Mini within FF doesn't show the OTP for copying.

I don't normally have that icon shown in either browser, nor do I use it. Having the OTP available to copy from 1P Mini from the Mac menu bar would be ideal.

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.5.BETA-0 (685000) AgileBit
Extension Version: latest
OS Version: 10.10.3
Sync Type: 1P


  • wagnerone
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    Nevermind! This was due to the fact for the AWS account entry I most often use OTP with I had 2 1P records. One with and one without OTP. :|

    It would still be great if there would be a way to autofill AWS account logins. :)

  • Good to see you figured that out. :)


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