Password Recipe Slider Enhancement Request

Penelope Pitstop
Penelope Pitstop
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Sometimes, I want to generate random character passwords that meet particular minimum or maximum password length limitations imposed by the system they are for. I find the sliders for password length, digits and symbols very fiddly to get a precise number. Particularly when the numbers are low. I can hold my finger on the slider and get the right number, but it tends to shift as soon as I lift my finger off.

Please could we have something that is a little easier to be precise?

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  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @Penelope Pitstop: With you 100%. It's a bit complicated because we've got a few different controls there: one for the slider, one for switching between words/characters, and another for scrolling up and down in the details — and two of those are moving along the same plane. We're probably going to have to redesign this. I'm not sure when that will happen, but there are a number of other improvements we want to make to the password generator across all platforms so it's probably something we'll do as a part of that. Thanks for your feedback on this!

    ref: OPI-4368

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