Feature request: Expand 1Password extension to talk directly to backend

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Now that 1Password has a cloud version that enables us to log in and retrieve our passwords, the "1Password helper" is no longer necessary to have installed just to retrieve a password. This is a good thing for people on Linux, as it means we no longer need Wine to use 1Password.

But that got me thinking: if I can use 1Password in the browser, then surely the 1Password extension can be modified to talk directly to the backend? That would of course just make sense for the cloud version (Teams/Family), but that's the way things are going it seems.

Currently, I have a tab open where I copy-paste passwords from/to, but all this page is doing is running a javascript process to decrypt the passwords. The work needed to stuff this into a ServiceWorker that is started from the extension should be quite achievable, thus making direct filling possible in Linux (and every other OS - even without an explicit installation).

OS Version: Linux


  • Ben

    Hi @fatso83

    Please check out 1Password X, which does just that. :)

    1Password X setup — AgileBits Support Forum

    I hope that helps!


  • fatso83
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    Best answer one could hope for! Tested and found it to be working very well.

  • Lars
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    @fatso83 - glad to hear that hit the spot for you! You're quite correct: previously, this just wasn't possible - you needed a native application for 1Password to work with local data. Now, it's a whole new world - one that includes Linux and pretty much anything else that can run Chrome! 1Password X is one of the new things we're really excited about here at AgileBits, that has been made possible by the 1Password.com service. Drop by any time if you have feedback or questions about it! Specifically, right over here:


    Cheers! :)

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