Shared Credit Card Numbers

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The list/search view seems to have logic which shows the username when you have a single website with multiple logins, but I cannot figure out how to replicate this functionality with credit cards. 1P only shows the credit card item titles, even if items are exactly the same — which means you cannot distinguish the cards without waiting for the hover pop-up to appear.

Chase Bank issues identical credit card account numbers, expirations, and CCVs to accounts with multiple card holders. The only difference is the cardholder name, so I have to title the credit card items differently so I can distinguish between whose card is being selected. It would be nice to see the cardholder name displayed as additional information the same way this is done for login items.

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    @tompacyk: Hmm. 1Password is designed primarily with a one-person-per-account/vault in mind, but I can see how that would be useful with 1Password Families (and maybe Teams) who share some of this information. It's definitely something we can consider, but as you mentioned you can always name the items differently to distinguish them. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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