Disabling 1password for local domain .test

Here's my settings now: https://yadi.sk/i/nnZ8_ajM3RW8Qj

I don't want to apply 1password on the websites i develop on my machine.

That doesn't work.

1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: High Sierra
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Greetings @heihachi88,

    Unfortunately that particular list does not understand wildcards and instead performs a simple string comparison. I don't have a setup to test this at the moment so I'm wondering if you can check something for me please. If instead of *.test do you see any difference if it just reads test? As best I can tell test isn't in the Mozilla public suffix list so if 1Password interprets test as the naked domain then it should block all subdomains to test. I wish I could easily test before suggesting but it's worth seeing how 1Password reacts given you have everything already set up.

  • Are you sure that wildcard *.test won't work? I've just created a new website on localhost with domain name test.test and 1password won't appear when i login to admin area.

  • Hello @heihachi88,

    It's a literal string comparison. We've had requests to add wildcards but for the moment 1Password won't act upon any regular expression and simply treats it as a string. For the same reason if you were to add https://example.com it wouldn't work because of the literal string comparison and no preprocessing to strip away the potential presence of a protocol. For this reason I normally recommend using the menu option hidden in the save dialog for adding exclusions as 1Password will place the correct string in the list. The option is hidden behind the cog icon in the lower left hand corner.

  • Created another domain on local machine - tyres.test and it works again, lol. Seem's like it does work now.

  • I shall have to investigate as my understanding is people have wanted wildcards but we haven't supported it. It's working for you at the moment though so that's all that really matters :smile:

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