Attachments - easy way to find them and delete or compress them as needed

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Using MacOS,
I noticed my backup size went from 32 to 108attachments in 1hr. Not too sure what was happening as I was trying to move from dropbox sync to iCloud Sync.

Please advise how to: see all attachments in an EASY way so I can either choose to delete or perhaps resize them etc..

1Password Version: 6.8.2
Extension Version: 682003
OS Version: 10.13.2
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:attachments


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, jinwithrye! I'm not quite sure what you mean; your number of attachments should not change unless you change it by adding or removing attachments.

    However, if you want to view all items with attachments, you can do so easily by selecting the vault you want to view (you'll have to do each vault individually if you have more than one), then click into the search bar in the main 1Password window and click the magnifying glass at the left of that input field, and switch from Search Major Fields to Items with Attachments, as shown here:

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